Check out Billie Eilish’s viral new cover

Billie Eilish has treated fans to a beautiful piano cover of Ben Folds’ track, Still on TikTok: “This is so beautiful, I’m sobbing.”

Billie Eilish fans are swooning over her latest TikTok post, in which she performs a striking piano rendition of Ben Folds’ 2006 single, Still, which was produced as a contribution to the soundtrack of DreamWorks motion picture, Over the Hedge.

Sitting in front of an illuminated Christmas tree, Eilish sings, “I must give the impression that I have the answers for everything. You were so disappointed to see me unravel so easily.”

Credit: Erika Goldring / FilmMagic via Getty

Having garnered 3 million plays to date, Eilish devotees flocked to the comments section, expressing their awe over her vocal stylings and piano work: “This is so beautiful, I’m sobbing,” wrote one user. “How can someone sound so good,” commented another.

One particular TikToker posed the question, “Is this on the album your gonna be dropping this year? (manifesting here).” Back in November 2022, Eilish did inform Variety that her and Finneas O’Connell had “just started the process of making an album, which is really exciting.” While no release date is announced as of yet, fans are eager for a follow-up to her widely-celebrated 2021 record, Happier Than Ever. In the meantime, check out her stunning cover of Ben Folds’ Still via TikTok below.

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