Billy Fox has enough chill vibes to douse the fires of Hell

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The daylight is falling; it’s been a good weekend that doesn’t feel like it should end. But as I write it’s Sunday afternoon, and the sun is starting the fall. The sky is changing its shades darker each moment, and you know the weekend is ending. The feeling of the weekend hasn’t left yet; it lingers around in the sounds of Billy Fox.

Billy Fox east coast

Billy Fox is here to sooth your souls. With a superior ability to embrace listeners soothing melodies, this is one crafty critter who is more than fantastic.

Fox is soulful with a chilled vibe, like an esky holding the beers on a Sydney beach (in terms of the chilled part). Coming from Sydney, Fox has been making tunes since 2013. His first EP titled Overboard came out in 2014 containing the floating, haunting hip-hop track Mystery. Monuments is another one worth a listen; the intro sounds like the soundtrack to an alien spaceship landing.

Overboard is a journey through a beautiful new life. The tracks are like finding a new heart to connect with, giving out a feeling of warmth and fresh hope. More than worth a listen, tracks like Monuments, Overboard and Breathing Life are cool jazz sprinkled tunes with hip-hop.

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East Coast is Fox’s latest track. The song starts slow, with a simple boom-tick beat poking through a flowing tune that will inspire you to get ridiculously nostalgic. Best listened to with a group of close friends at the end of a memorable weekend. The track was produced Simon Todkill (Charli XCX, Birds of Tokyo) and mixed by Leon Zervos (Rihanna, Muse, Daniel Johns) and is crisp in its production.

Bloom is a smooth track, with a soft beat bouncing with a slow clap section. The music of Bloom is serene, with the right sounds popping up at the right moment. The timing of the instruments will force the neck to bop the head in a slow and forgetful way. It’s a track to make you miss your station when you’re on the train home, but don’t worry about it, that just means you can listen to a few more of Fox’s tracks.

Billy Fox has toured with a few bands like Glass Animals, Boo Seeka and The Aston Shuffle. The mantra behind the music is “If it feels good, then do it”. Going with his instincts helps Fox to create sounds that captivate, enchant and make the sunset feel like a fresh beginning rather than the end of a grand moment. Sit on a balcony, have yourself some wine, be around close friends and watch the day go to sleep as you wake up to the sounds of Bill Fox.

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