Songs of Disappearance: Endangered bird songs hit ARIA top 5

Songs of Disappearance: Endangered bird songs hit ARIA top 5

Did you check the ARIA top 50 album chart this morning, and were stunned to see Songs of Disappearance had made its way up to number five?

Okay, so maybe you don’t check the ARIA charts each morning, and you probably don’t know what Songs of Disappearance is – but, it’s actually pretty cool, and important.

Basically, an album that is literally just the calls of endangered Australian bird species has made its way to the number 5 spot in this week’s ARIA top 50 album chart.

Songs of Disappearance album cover via Facebook

Created by BirdLife, Songs of Disappearance features the songs of 53 of Australia’s most threatened native bird species.

The album’s release was accompanied by a social media campaign aiming to get it as high up on the charts as possible, and in the most wholesome of news, they’ve succeeded. The album beat out ABBA and Olivia Rodrigo in this week’s chart. You truly love to see it!

While we must concede listening to 25 minutes of bird calls sounds not the makings of the most fun time, it’s more than important to rally behind the cause of saving these endangered little creatures. And apparently, Songs of Disappearance is filled with some pretty rare recordings. Kind of sick, actually.

“This album is a very special record with some rare recordings of birds that may not survive if we don’t come together to protect them,” said BirdLife Australia CEO Paul Sullivan.

“While this campaign is fun, there’s a serious side to what we’re doing, and it’s been heartening to see bird enthusiasts showing governments and businesses that Australians care about these important birds.”

Did you know one in six Australian birds are now threatened with extinction? Big sad react. All proceeds from Songs of Disappearance will go to BirdLife, who work towards conservation results for our native birds and their habitats.

Listen below… Tweet tweet!