Santa? In my indie horror game? It’s more likely than you think

You’re hearing us right, Santa Claus himself is in Phasmophobia. ‘Tis the season to be haunted by Santa, apparently.

Regarded as one of the most successful indie games of 2021, Phasmophobia has a history of adding creepy little Easter eggs to its seasonal updates, and its most recent one is no different. The latest Cursed Possessions update adds a spooky twist to Christmas in the form of the beloved Santa Claus.

The Cursed Possessions patch has been live for a few days, with its main feature being various cursed items that give players information in exchange for some of their Sanity, and the added risk of triggering a negative effect from the ghost. Also included in the patch are some festive (well, as festive as a horror game can be) environmental updates – namely seasonal decorations and snow around the Maple Campsite.

Image: Phasmophobia

Not included in the patch notes, however, is the spectral form of Santa, inserted into the game as one of its ghosts. Various clips have surfaced of Phasmophobia players encountering Santa in their nightly ghost hunting adventures.

With a somewhat distorted rendition Jingle Bells heralding his arrival, the red-clad spirit appears on the screen of unsuspecting players. It’s a nice and fitting addition to the game – I mean, who wouldn’t want to be hunted down by Santa Claus himself?

And hey, it’s even more incentive to gift the game to a friend for Christmas, so both of you can experience the joy of meeting (and fleeing from) Santa.

Check out Phasmophobia here if you have not already done so, and you too, could spend your Christmas holiday getting haunted by Santa Claus.