bird3 serve up a cheeky, pop-punk banger on ‘That Sheila, She’s A Glinda’

bird3 have unleashed a track that would make any pop-punk or Wizard of Oz fan swoon.

On their latest single, bird3 serve up intricate riffs, bright melodies, and a chorus that will bury itself in your brain for days.

That Sheila, She’s A Glinda is a love song dedicated to the womxn in our lives who have that sparkle, that magic touch.


A pop-punk banger that teeters on the edge of pop infectiousness, That Sheila, She’s A Glinda is a track that you’ll have on repeat for days. Lead singer, Bird, brings a charisma to the single that’s impossible to ignore, coupled with his soulful, heart-pounding vocals. Throw an aerodynamic bassline into the mix and an air-tight drum beat, and you’ve got yourself an utterly irresistible song.

Although bird3 are known for their genre-bending brilliance, this track takes their experimentation to a whole new level. In fact, it’s one that has to be seen to be believed.

“From the moment I rang Michelle Bakker to ask if she’d manage my band Bird3, there was this incredible magic that became very apparent to me. She had a premonition about it,” Bird explains about the origins of the song. “One night ‘Sheila’ came up while we were talking. I was telling Michelle how cool it would be to write a whole album around Down Under slang, but especially a song about Sheilas. I decided right then I would write a song and create a new word to describe Michelle and all girls that have that extra something special. Two hours later, ‘That Sheila, She’s A Glinda’ was written and recorded.”

With a brand new, vibrant music video under their belt too, bird3 are on a roll that can’t be stopped.

Dive in below: