Jasmyne Middleton unveils her sultry new single ‘Separation Altitude’

Unabashedly emotional and full of expression, Jasmyne Middleton has crafted a slice of acoustic-romantic poetry on her third single.

It’s something completely wonderful when jazz transcends mainstream, a little bit of old-world cool trickling in to meet the new-age. If Amy Winehouse wore jazz like chainmail, Jasmyne Middleton wears it like a glittering, suggestive shawl. Wielding the seductive charm of RnB and the listenability of alt-pop, she blesses us with her third single.

Originally from south-west Sydney, the Melbourne-based performer released her first song at the top of 2020. Now, as we close the curtains on the year that’s been, she draws them back to share Separation Altitude. If you enjoy the likes of Jasmyne Middleton’s influences; Kimbra, Billie Holiday and Regina Spektor, look no further.

Separation Altitude is a melt in your mouth, rhythmic lullaby. You’re immediately rocking to the dense bass line that’s sprinkled with bright acoustic guitar. Middleton’s purposeful and paced vocals are pure velvet, emulating the professionalism of an artist that’s been working for decades. What seems to supersede her vocal talent is her decision making in the track’s arrangement.  The sectioning of Separation Altitude is seamless and angelic harmonies soften each transition.

Lyrically, the song references an aeronautical term meaning the minimum distance that should be kept to avoid collision. Cleverly tying this to the romantic narrative of the song, Middleton navigates the melancholia felt at the end of a relationship. Just when you think you’ve settled into the sweeping romanticism of the track, a change of pace is determined by a rap verse:

“I wrote the majority of the track last year and immediately knew that I wanted a rap verse to complete it. I sent what I had to my brother, Sydney-based hip hop artist Desiiya, who wrote his verse within half an hour of receiving it, then on my next trip up to Sydney I recorded his vocals.”


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All the while stirring this gorgeous melting pot of genre is the lithe playing of Domenic Carrubba on acoustic guitar. Adding spaciousness and texture to the four-and-a-half-minute long track, Carrubba is a true master of his craft. Separation Altitude is collaborative journey with Middleton at the heart of its soothing and magical effect.

Enjoy her Jasmyne Middleton’s silky serenade on all platform here.