Björk has gone full Björk, releasing new remixes EP on “Slug Genitalia” vinyl

Björk has announced that she will be releasing a new EP including three remixes of Arisen My Senses, the opening track to her audacious 2017 album Utopia.

The Icelandic artist will have her vinyl pressed in the colour of “slug genitalia”, because… well… Björk.

The three remixes of the ethereal Arisen My Senses have been carefully crafted to ensure the full cinematic beauty of the track is captured.

The first remix, by Lanark Artefax, will transport you to an 8-bit wonderland, where Björk will be waiting for you patiently. The second, by Jlin, is a much more upbeat approach to the track. It gives Arisen My Senses a hefty beat and consistent tempo, allowing for the song to be much easier to digest.

The third, and my personal favourite, is the remix by Kelly Lee Owens. She’s a producer that respects and admires the work of true artists such as Björk, and finds solidarity in the fact that she too, is a bonifide weirdo.

Follow up to Björk’s 2015 experimental af Vulnicura album, Utopia is a much gentler approach to love and loss. Each track on the album feels like a dreamscape that’s etched within a nightmare. Imagine you’re walking through a dark tunnel, towards the end where the sunlight is guiding your way, but you find yourself exactly halfway. It’s too far to turn back, but too far to continue ahead – that’s how Utopia feels.

To pre-order this truly unique EP on vinyl, click here. The EP will be available for purchase May 25th.

Via The Vinyl Factory.