Open to all: Capitol Studios launch remote mixing, vinyl-cutting and mastering services

Capitol Studios, aka the most iconic Hollywood studio company around, is offering their services to anybody and everybody through their new online initiative.

And now you, yes you, can have your music attacked by one of Capitol Studios accredited engineers, amongst their cutting-edge (and goddamn Grammy award-winning) technologies.

Capitol Studios have been a recording home to the likes of Paul McCartney, Nat King Cole, Green Day and many more.

Projects can be submitted to the company via .WAV format, and in turn they will deliver the track to you within 30 business days. Your track will then be fully mixed or mastered, ready for your listening pleasure.

The company is also offering a high quality vinyl-cutting service in all formats. If you’re like me, and a little bit of a vinyl nerd, then being able to say that your vinyl was cut by an engineer at Capitol Records will most definitely score you some brownie points.

Capitol Studios is one of the most well respected establishments in the world, with an impressive alumni to say the least. Not to mention that the building itself starred in the movie The Day After Tomorrow, when it was destroyed by a raging tornado.

For full information about these new services, click here.