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Black Lion Audio launch the Revolution 2 x 2: the company’s first audio interface

Even if your studio doesn’t extend beyond the desktop, you can still get premium sound. Meet Revolution 2 x 2, Black Lion Audio’s debut audio interface.

For those in the know, Black Lion Audio has always been the place you send your gear when you want it to sound better. Little did we know, the king of mods has been planning a revolution in secret, a Revolution 2 x 2, to be exact.

The whole reason you would send something to Black Lion Audio in the first place is that they know a thing or two about electronics and ADA conversion. Fitted with the company’s select components, this interface is “modded out of the box“.

Black Lion Audio Revolution 2 x 2 circuit

A desktop audio interface is hardly a revolution, but what makes this device stand out is Black Lion Audio’s commitment to electronic engineering of the highest standard. The internal circuitry is populated with premium, Vishay, Nichicon and Wima capacitors. The analog I/O section is fully decoupled and balanced, meaning that extra noise contamination is kept to an absolute minimum, in recording and playback.

The Revolution 2 x 2 is also big on convenience. Bus-power via a USB-C connection is a win for portability and it can record at 24 bit/192 kHz. It ships with Presonus’ Studio One Artist, iZotope Elements suite, BrainWork BX digital and Lindell 6X500.

For more details, visit Black Lion Audio.