Black Mirror release three new trailers for season 5

Netflix anthology Black Mirror is returning and not a moment too soon. Only a fortnight out from it’s June 5th release date, Netflix have released individual trailers for each of the season’s three episodes.

For fans of the anxiety-inducing Netflix anthology, new content has been sparse over the last 18 months. With the last season having been released in December of 2017, the only piece of new content from the series was last years revolutionary Bandersnatch.

Black Mirror is back June 5th with three new foreboding allegories on modern tech.

The one-off episode had the internet buzzing by putting the plot in viewer’s hands in a choose your own adventure type experience, which only helped to further cement Black Mirror‘s hallowed warnings on the dangers of technology and global connectivity.

Smithereens opens the season, centring around a ride-sharing app experience gone wrong. With the chaotic Andrew Scott leading the cast, this episode is sure to deliver a gut punch hearkening back to earlier episodes Shut up and Dance and White Bear.

Performances from Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie lead the two remaining episodes of the season, Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too and Striking Vipers. Like another popular TV series, this current season is significantly shorter than previous offerings of the series. This hasn’t been explained as of yet, but here’s hoping it means a bigger budget and longer run times to give audiences the apprehension they crave from the series.

Watch the new trailers below: