Black Stone from the Sun will melt your ears with smoking hot new single Pseudocide

Get ready to let your hair out and whip it back and forth, because Black Stone from the Sun’s new single Pseudocide is one hot-blooded listen.

Black Stone from the Sun are about as intense as a flamethrower that also shoots lasers. After releasing their debut album in 2018 the pair saw mass attention from radio stations across the country, leading them on national tours and playing some very dandy festival slots.

Black stone from the sun psuedocide national tour

Following a massive 2018 of country-wide touring, epic festival slots, and their debut album, Black Stone from the Sun are showing no signs of fizzling out.

The duo’s passion for working hard and a love for life on the road is only driving them further along their path to success, with their latest release Pseudocide receiving accolades from major industry influencers.

The song itself is about the conspiracy theories created by fans about celebrities faking their deaths, in a refusal to accept their passing and perpetuating a sad hope that they may return from the grave.

So if you’re on team Paul is Dead or believe that The King still walks amongst us, Pseudocide may not quite be in your ball park. However if you’re a fan of no-good, high voltage rock, you’ll be head over heels.

Pseudocide will take you on a ride with a wave of cymbals, distortion and fat riffs to melt your ears from the inside. The lyrics are a passionate weave of wild imagination and pure creativity and the pair leave you hanging on every moment, toying with the balance of pure fury with intrigue.


Catch the madness near you this month as the duo set out on a massive national tour! Dates below.

March 13 – Rad Bar, Wollongong, NSW
March 14 – Lass O’ Gowrie, Newcastle, NSW
March 16 – Moshpit, Sydney, NSW
March 23 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth, WA
March 28 – Vinnie’s Dive, Gold Coast, Qld
March 29 – Greaser, Brisbane, Qld

Grab full details and tix on their Facebook. In the meantime, let that hair flow to the dope new single from Black Stone from the Sun.