Black Stone from the Sun eat edgy rock n roll for breakfast

Perth seems to be the place of the Aussie grunge revival at the moment with acts such as Foam, Puck, Dead Owls, The Love Junkies and The Novocaines to name a few breaking out of the WA city. Some would go as far as saying that Perth was the first scene to really touch onto the grunge sound with their home grown punks The Scientists, whom have lent their influence to the likes of Mudhoney. Wherever you sit in the argument it’s still undeniable that Perth was tattooed with a music culture that would inspire many to come. This inspiration can still be seen in the voice of angsty youth and in particular Perth’s punk/garage rock duo Black Stone From The Sun.

Black Stone from the Sun

The Perth grunge revival movement continues with thrashing two piece Black Stone from the Sun, and edgy duo who eats bare bones rock n roll for breakfast.

Comprised of Jack Nelson and Sean Mackey, Black Stone From The Sun are still fairly new to the Perth scene having been around since 2012. Their debut self-titled EP dropped with a bang in late October last year, which draws clear influence from the likes of Nirvana, Mudhoney and just about anything else those tattered 90’s kids were into.

From the dirty guitars to the punchy drum rhythms on their debut EP the duo dish out bare bones rock n roll with a modern twist. The riffs on this thing are absolutely raging and often tend to incorporate elements of blues rock, evident in the opening track Shake at the Knee which in turn adds a modern twist to the 90’s grunge sound we all know and love. Occasionally a two piece band can be difficult to manage, however if this EP illuminates one thing it’s that these boys are on point from start to finish.

They bare a clear direction and most importantly they demonstrate a natural ability to generate high impact tunes and execute them without being stale. If abrasive walls of distortion, husky vocals, and blaring drum tones all mixed together to form one saucy concoction of relentless energy takes you to your happy place, Black Stone From The Sun are likely to be right up your alley; So what are you waiting for!

Stay tuned and sleep with one eye open because the boys are already working on a follow up with all guns blazing to ensure greatness. You can check out their latest single entitled Pastel Roses right now on their Soundcloud page. Oh and remember Perth rocks…