Blake Schmitz delivers pop confection on latest single ‘Body’

Switching flows with finesse and crafting clever rhymes, Blake Schmitz’s latest single ‘Body’ is a free-wheeling, feel good earworm. 

Blake Schmitz has delivered pure pop-rap confection on ‘Body’, a catchy track that marks his latest single of the year.

Mastering the art of infectious hooks and sing-along vocal ad libs, the single sees the Minnesota artist praise his partner’s figure atop plucky guitar melodies and trap-like beats.

Blake Schmitz 'Body'

‘Body’ opens with a hook so earwormy you’ll be humming “body-ody” for days, immediately showcasing Schmitz’s knack for crafty rhymes with equally melodic follow-ups like “hottie-ottie.” 

There’s an ease and simplicity to the track that makes it destined for infinite replay value. The coaxing rhythms make it feel like the sonic equivalent of a sugar rush, and Schmitz plays with the beat by switching up the cadence on the rapid-fire first verse.

Here, the 21-year-old adopts a rap flow to deliver playful bars about his lover’s body, comparing it to everything from origami to a Masaradi, with mentions of pilates to boot. 

Blake Schmitz 'Body'

For all its kitschy flair, ‘Body’ spotlights Schmitz’s knack for acrobatic delivery. He’s able to switch flows and rhyme schemes with finesse, without ever interrupting the infectious stream of the beat.

While many musicians might pour over supposedly intentional and thought-provoking lyrics about love, Schmitz revels in the free-wheeling fun with a track that breezes through its runtime and doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

‘Body’ follows ‘Bottoms Up’ as the second single released by Schmitz this year. Prior to that, the singer-songwriter’s debut EP ‘All of You & Me’ arrived in 2023, racking up hundreds of thousands of streams and spawning the hit single ‘Drunk on You’.

Here’s an artist on the cusp of his career who is committed to keeping it light and fun, and it’s hard not to join along. Listen to Blake Schmitz’s latest single ‘Body‘ below.