Blue Lucas create soulful ambience on new single 'Train Station'

Blue Lucas create soulful ambience on new single ‘Train Station’

Blue Lucas are a three-piece band creating sonic landscapes which explore alternative rock and country influences.

Their latest single Train Station is a fresh take on a classic 1960s sound, a tune that’s not only musically stunning but lyrically powerful too. 

Train Station is the latest release from Blue Lucas, showing just how much the band has grown and developed together.

What stands out immediately about this track is the distinctive vocal ability of Jake Coates, filled with soul and distinguished wisdom. His earthy tones seem to express so much more emotional and feeling than just the lyrics alone, enveloping listeners with a characteristic warmth – a voice that you instantly trust.

Drawing similarities between Coates’ voice and other contemporary artists is difficult, but rather his impressive vocals could be compared to influential country artists of the past 60 years, blended with an alternative lyrical feel. 

After collaborating sporadically in musical projects as teenagers, the three members of Blue Lucas reconnected, jamming with one another and refining some original compositions, mostly just for the sake of it. However, the trio soon discovered that what they had started creating was pretty magical and most certainly needed to be shared with the world.


After frequent performances around Castlemaine, Bendigo, and Melbourne, Blue Lucas saw significant gig-induced growth, which led them to record their first single, loudly declaring that this band are going places and will surely go there quick. 

Not only do Blue Lucas present impressive vocals on Train Station, but they further enrich the track instrumentally with stunning electric guitar and percussion which strikes a soulful ambience, painting a vivid picture of an aching heart. It is immediately clear that band members Jake Coates, Benz Smith, and Thom Connellan share strong musical chemistry with one another allowing them to make music which is fresh and exciting delivered seamlessly. 

Blue Lucas are set to ignore the boundaries of genre and create a sound which is uniquely and unapologetically theirs.


Train Station is out now.