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‘Bojack Horseman’ animator takes on ‘The Golden Girls’ and gives it a sci-fi makeover.

Mike Hollingsworth has made a pilot for an animated Golden Girls comedy series set in 3033.

Mike Hollingsworth, has shared a five-minute pilot of Golden Girls 3033. It starts with the famous theme song, but with different lyrics that shed light on just how it is possible that the golden girls find themselves to be around in 3033. They found the Fountain of Youth of course. 

The famous shot of Dorothy biting her own fist in frustration is recreated in animation perfection, except this time, her fist actually comes off. As colourful and well-designed as you would expect from the Bojack crew, the animation takes the classic sitcom to a whole new level. If only Betty White and Estelle Getty were around to see this they would have loved it.  

The Golden Girls have all been given sci fi updates, Blanche’s disappointing date ice cream is provided by a machine, Sophia is now a head attached to a yellow Transformer-like robot, and Dorothy’s ex-husband Stan is a giant green tentacled alien.

sing original audio from the tv series, Hollingsworth is hoping that the pilot turns into an extended television series.

Speaking with IndieWire, Hollingsworth said; “Out of frustration, I just started coming up with the craziest ideas, like the most ridiculous concepts. I was just riffing in the directors’ room at BoJack, like, ‘Well, of course, I’m also working on a show — it’s The Golden Girls, [but] they find the fountain of youth, and now they’re in the future.’ It made all the directors laugh, so I would return to it conversationally.”

Hollingsworth went on to say “Then I realised I’m having so much more fun talking about this ridiculous [show] and ideas for it — like Dorothy’s ex-husband, Stan, is a squid alien — than I was while trying to pitch what they were asking for. It’s ultimately a celebration of the material. With this concept, you’re getting the original performances. These are the words that Susan Harris wrote, and these are the performances that she oversaw as a director.”

Hollingsworth wrapped up by saying; “My dream for this is to be on Disney+ or Hulu. Even though some of the references may be dated, the comedy and the concepts that they’re dealing with seem so prescient. Young people are still talking about it [The Golden Girls] and buying greeting cards of it, and books of quotes and stuff. It just holds up. The show that I’m pitching could just be the beginning of the whole Golden Girls-a-verse — like the Marvel Universe, but with The Golden Girls.”