BOM: Sydney set to cop a week of rain amidst thunderstorm trifecta

BOM: Sydney set to cop a week of rain amidst thunderstorm trifecta

If you’ve checked the weather lately, you may have noticed we’re in for a wet and rainy stretch, and BOM says it’s all thanks to La Nina.

It seems La Nina may well and truly be making her presence known, as the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned of a “multi-state thunderstorm outbreak” across Australia’s east coast.

The weather (which could involve flash flooding, damaging winds, and hail), will develop over today and tomorrow, with Queensland, New South Wales, and Northern Victoria all in the firing line.

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Up to 150mm of rain could fall in some parts; however, the most hard-hit areas will likely be eastern Queensland and New South Wales.

In Queensland, there is currently a severe thunderstorm warning issued (including damaging winds, large hailstones, and heavy rainfall) for the next few hours, in Windorah, Eromanga, Stonehenge, Ballera, Morney, and Durrie, whilst flash flooding is also warned for Georgetown, Hughenden, Richmond, Pentland, Forsayth, and Einasleigh.

“We’re going to see very widespread thunderstorms all the way from the Top End down through western Queensland, eastern South Australia, western New South Wales, into Victoria as well,” BOM forecaster Jonathan How described.

Thankfully, today is expected to be the biggest day, with things calming a little tomorrow, but due to the hit-and-miss nature of the storms, it’s somewhat difficult to predict which areas will be worst hit.

Unfortunately, if Sydneysiders were hoping for a return to sunshine, they might be waiting a while, with storms looking likely to hit tomorrow and rain currently predicted to persist from then until at least next Thursday.

I’ll leave you with something to sing for the next week.