“Isn’t this song on FIFA?”: 10 of the greatest FIFA soundtrack songs of all time

The FIFA series has a knack for pulling out some of the best soundtracks of any video game, period. In celebration of the release of FIFA 21, we look back at 10 of the best tunes from FIFA’s past.

FIFA 21 was released last week and, overall, it’s essentially the same game as its predecessor FIFA 20, which was the same as the edition before that. Over the years, FIFA has received criticism for its lack of innovative gameplay changes. However, one aspect that fans can’t criticise comes from the music department.

FIFA has become synonymous for its diverse and far-reaching soundtrack, often providing the catalyst for players to find their new favourite artist. In fact, I’d argue that many of today’s indie lovers birthed their love for music by playing the early editions of the football simulation game.

best FIFA songs

This year’s edition has unsurprisingly included some belters. The likes of Aitch, Glass Animals, Louis The Child, Tame Impala, Oliver Tree, Stormzy, and Dave have found themselves providing the soundtrack to that often rage-inducing gameplay.

Have you ever been chilling at a party when an absolute bop comes on and one bloke yells from the back, “this song was on FIFA!” Well, it’s likely the track that was playing was one of these ten songs (in no particular order).

Kasabian – Club Foot (FIFA 13)

This one was destined to be in a FIFA game. Used as an intro walk-on song for many top tier European clubs, while also appearing in football cult movie Goal!, Kasabian had truly created a football anthem with this one. Released in 2004, it’s surprising that it took nine more years to be included in the gaming series.

Avicii – The Nights (FIFA 15)

The intro of this one will certainly spark some vivid memories for FIFA fans. One of the most feel-good tunes from a DJ as universally loved as Avicii, whose tragic death in 2018 provides an extra sentimental meaning behind this track. This one had the quintessential tools for a FIFA track, big hooks with a catchy chorus.

Bloc Party – Helicopter (FIFA 06)

This one certainly appeased the football-loving British audience. One of the most popular English indie-rock bands of the mid-’00s, it makes sense that a single from Bloc Party‘s most famous album, Silent Alarm, was included in the FIFA series and is beloved by many early edition players.

MGMT – Kids (FIFA 09)

Not only is this a great FIFA song, but it is a classic from MGMT in every sense of the word. Electronic beats coupled with the sounds of schoolground laughing in the background, Kids is certainly an ode to childhood and the perfect soundtrack for enjoying FIFA without a care in the world.

Disclosure – F For You (FIFA 14)

This one is British dance in a nutshell and one sure to get stuck in your head as you search the transfer market for your Ultimate Team’s top tier striker. Although potentially not one of the most popular tracks on the Disclosure‘s debut album Settle, but it will forever be etched into the minds of those who poured their heart in the 2014 edition of the game.

The Stone Roses – Fools Gold (FIFA 2004)

A song that still stands the test of time over 30 years removed from its release, with a beat that you couldn’t help but nod your head along to. Of course, The Stone Roses are one of the greatest rock bands of all time and so, its inclusion in the 2004 edition means that it’s a guarantee to make the top ten list.

John Newman – Love Me Again (FIFA 14)

Using the previous analogy, if you’ve ever been at a house party and heard a group of boys reference FIFA in relation to a track, John Newman’s Love Me Again is likely to have been that song. An iconic pop track that peaked at No.1 in the UK charts with its infectious chorus and enticing rhythm, it has the perfect recipe for a top FIFA track.

Muse – Supermassive Black Hole (FIFA 07)

Arguably the song that turned everyone into a Muse fan, with its inclusion in the ’07 soundtrack certainly helping them get there. A defining piece of British indie in the mid-’00s, with its dirty guitar riffs and mesmerising vocals, this one certainly provided electrifying background noise to building a squad on Career Mode.

Foster The People – Call It What You Want (FIFA 12)

This one came at the height of Foster The People‘s powers, in peak Pumped Up Kicks territory. While everyone will remember their Torches album for that track, FIFA fans will always hold a soft spot for Call It What You Want. The perfect upbeat tune to kick-start your Pro Clubs session into the early hours of the morning.

Blur – Song 2 (Road To World Cup 1998)

Song 2 was the first-ever licensed song to appear in the FIFA series, all the way back in 1998. This song birthed the game-series’ soundtrack style that we know today and saw Blur breakaway from the Britpop genre that they helped define. Traditionally thought of as the FIFA song, the Madeon remix was included in the 2017 edition as a homage to the most iconic song of the gaming series.

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