The DuraPlex is a tiny but tough new mic from Shure

The DuraPlex is a tiny but tough new mic from Shure

Shure has unveiled the DuraPlex, a minuscule lavalier microphone and headset designed to survive the most hostile conditions.

Shure is renowned for making seemingly indestructible microphones. Models such as the SM58, SM57 and SM7B are beloved by performers and engineers alike for their resilience and reliability. In keeping with this tradition, the company has released the DuraPlex, an omnidirectional waterproof lavalier microphone and headset.

The DuraPlex tests the limits of durability and size. Its seriously tiny proportions (5mm) means it is categorised as a subminiature mic, making it perfect for live performance or broadcast media that requires a discreet microphone.


Shure has poured a considerable amount of effort into maximising the DuraPlex’s durability. It is Shure’s first IP57 rating on the Ingress Protection rating system, meaning it can withstand dirt, dust and be submerged into water up to one metre deep — particularly useful for location recording in challenging environments.

The inclusion of LEMO and TA4F connectors means you can use your favourite wireless transmitter pack, plus, it ships with the same kink-resistant cable system as Shure’s TwinPlex model. 

The headset also boasts the same durable, lightweight features of the lavalier and comes in a range of colours, designed to seamlessly blend into the background. 

To find out more, go to the Shure website.