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Logitech: Yeti Orb RGB Gaming Mic

This could be your gateway to streaming greatness

Streaming is growing ever more popular and with platforms like Twitch soaring into cultural relevance, a market for affordable, fun audio equipment for gamers and streamers alike is becoming more and more common. 


The Logitech Yeti Orb strikes a very healthy balance between audio quality, sleek looks and handy features. It’s an orb shaped condenser mic with a cardioid pickup pattern. In the box you’ll get the mic (of course) a USB-A to USB-C cable and a 3 legged plastic stand to plant the mic on your desk.

Connectivity is a no brainer here and so it should be. This isn’t aimed at audio geeks with thousand dollar audio interfaces. This is for creators who need a quick easy way to access high quality audio.

So you’re simply given a USB-C plug which’ll deal with powering the mic and sending audio to your PC.


As for sound, the Yeti Orb will absolutely do the job. It’s clear and transparent which is exactly what you’re after if you’re streaming. There’s not a whole lot to say about it other than that.

It’s fit for purpose. One thing we did notice is that because it’s a condenser microphone, it tends to pick a decent amount of the room as you move it further away from your mouth.

It certainly sounds at its best about 30cm from the person speaking. The difficulty with this is that it’s hard to keep the mic from being a focal point in the shot if you’re streaming.


You can of course mount it on a boom arm but the connecting point is a quarter inch camera mount so it’s not compatible with other microphone boom arms which use ⅜ or ⅝ standard mounts.

The Yeti Orb is also compatible with Logitech’s G Hub companion app. Jumping into the Blue VO!CE software is where the fun really starts. From here you can start to really tune your audio to get a super clean recording. You’ve got access to EQ, compression, de-essing, limiting and noise reduction.

It’s also got de-popping which is a blessing. I can’t listen to those crazy plosives in voiceovers. If you’re just looking for a quick easy way to get a good sound though and you’re not an audio nerd. Don’t fret, the software has a bunch of inbuilt presets to quickly get a good sound going.


The Blue VO!CE software also gives you a bunch of effects to play with. It’s definitely a bit of a gimmick, but it’s a fun gimmick. G Hub also lets you customise the RGB lighting on the mic.

As a bit of an audio nerd, I have plenty of mics that I would use if I were to do any voiceover work, but none of them hook up quite as quickly and simply as the Yeti Orb.


If I were just starting out and just wanted to focus on voiceovers, the Yeti Orb would definitely be on my radar as an excellent entry level for easy, quality sound and some fun deep dive customization.

The Yeti Orb is available now for 99 AUD and comes with a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Read more about it here: https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/products/microphones/yeti-orb-gaming-microphone.988-000553.html