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iZotope launches RX 8: the next generation audio repair toolbox

RX 8 is the new suite of audio repair plugins from iZotope. It ships with a plethora of tools to combat every noise issue you can think of and more.

RX 8 is the latest version of iZotope’s famed suite of audio repair plugins. For years, the RX series has been the industry standard for tasks like extraneous hum and noise reduction, removal of digital clipping and microscopic patch-up jobs.

RX 8 has launched and true to form, this new generation is bigger, better and more sophisticated than those that preceded it. It features literally dozens of audio repair tools and aims to prove that you truly can fix the unfixable.

Izotope RX 8

Back along for the ride are the modules that have earned the RX series its stellar reputation. Tools for erasing shirt rustles, wind noises and reducing reverb are long time favourites. The iconic Spectral Repair screen is an essential for post-production and naturally, it takes centre-stage in the update.

A host of new plugins have also been included. For instance, Spectral Recovery repairs high-frequency roll-off from phone recordings and adds more life to podcast and radio shows. Guitar De-Noise takes care of finger squeaks, overly aggressive pick sounds and dreaded amp buzz.

Wow & Flutter will be a favourite among the audio restoration community, as it smoothes out the inconsistencies of vintage tape recordings. Music Rebalance gives you the opportunity to de-mix and re-mix with its remarkable track isolation capabilities.

This is only a sample of the new features in RX 8. As per usual, the suite is offered three tiers from Elements, Standard and Advanced. To find out more, head over to the iZotope website.