Wild Thing, Stalin’s Wine Cellar and more: Happy’s Weekend Reading

Wild Thing, Stalin’s Wine Cellar, The Golden Maze, The Awful Truth and This One Wild and Precious Life are the best new books for your weekend.

On the list for this weekend: Wild Thing celebrates the life of a musician whose star shone all too briefly and Stalin’s Wine Cellar lifts the lid on the dictator’s secret stash.

The Golden Maze is Richard Fidler’s love letter to Prague, Adrian Tame’s The Awful Truth is a first-hand look at the inner-workings of a scandalous newspaper and This One Wild and Precious Life offers a practical guide to a healthier future.

Joseph Stalin

Wild Thing: the Short, Spellbinding Life of Jimi Hendrix by Philip Norman

No other artist embodies the mythologies of rock ‘n’ roll like Jimi Hendrix. Philip Norman chronicles the life and times of this trailblazer and explores the contradictory personas that make up this inimitable figure in 20th-century music. Via Hachette.

Wild Thing

Stalin’s Wine Cellar by John Baker and Nick Place

Following the Russian Revolution, the prized wine collection of Tsar Nicholas II found its way into the possession of Joseph Stalin. In Stalin’s Wine Cellar, readers are taken on an adventure to unearth this astonishing treasure. See Penguin for more.

Stalin's Wine Cellar

The Golden Maze: a Biography of Prague by Richard Fidler

Ever since the Velvet Revolution, Richard Fidler has been obsessed with this most picturesque of Eastern European capitals. An enthralling history of Prague is laid out, from its origins in the Middle Ages to its status as a vital, modern metropolis. See more at Harper Collins.

The Golden Maze

The Awful Truth: My Adventures with Australia’s Most Notorious Tabloid by Adrian Tame

The Truth began haunting the streets of Melbourne in the 1890s and developed a reputation for being one of the most salacious tabloids in the nation. Adrian Tame reflects on his decade long stint at The Truth — it’s every bit as hair raising a ride as you’d expect. Via Simon & Schuster.

The Awful Truth

This One Wild and Precious Life: A Hopeful Path Forward in a Fractured World by Sarah Wilson

This turbulent — and for some — traumatic year won’t fade from memory anytime soon and Sarah Wilson plots a course toward healing body and soul. A book full of practical advice for reconnecting with our natural environment in order to find inner peace. See Pan Macmillan for more.

This One Wild and Precious Life