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Manley launches limited edition Reference Cardioid Microphone

Hot off the release of their limited edition Dual Mic Preamp, Manley has announced the Limited Edition Reference Cardioid Microphone.

This iconic tube microphone has been used by artists all over the world including Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Panic! at the Disco and more since its introduction in 1990. Its detailed clarity and ability to breath life into the highest frequencies mean vocal tracks can sit in the mix sounding complete without resorting to extreme EQ. Manley Reference Cardioid

Manley continues their 30th-anniversary celebration with the Limited Edition Reference Cardioid Microphone – “The world’s most popular Tube Mic”.

Guitars, drum overheads and especially vocals bring out the rich tonal balance and liquid character of the Reference Cardioid. This limited edition mic features a sleek white finish with red framing as well as a ‘Manley Power’ Switch-Mode Power Supply. Other features include an all-tube triode design 12AX7, a -10 dB switchable pad and 10Hz-30kHz frequency response.

Based on the same technology already proven in the Manley CORE and FORCE, this new PSU is “empirically quieter” than the microphone’s original linear PSU. The Manley Reference Cardioid Mic has always been the cream of the crop well in professional audio, this latest edition of the classic maintains the stellar reputation of the firm.

For further information, visit the Manley website.