#BookTok: TikTok launches official Book Club

#BookTok got off to a fine start this week, with the launch of its very first virtual book club.

Gone are the days when a bunch of bookish-looking loves would sit around a lounge room dissecting the latest read. TikTok has reinvigorated the book club and stepped into a new era with its own brand of nerd.

With a hashtag that has over 64.3 billion views and counting, #booktok would have been crazy to not have created its own club. Fittingly, given the hype around the new adaptation of the same name, Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” is the first book to join the book clubs discussion forum.  

persuasion #booktok
Credit: Netflix

Joining the ranks of virtual book clubs #TolstoyTogether, Lit Hub’s Virtual Book Channel, and the Silent Book Club, #BookTok has created a space for book lovers to intellectualise, hypothesis, and generally chat away about their favourite books. 

With TikTokers janeaustenshouse(@janeaustenshouse), Pemberley Podcast(@thepemberley), Pemberley Podcast(@thepemberley), Kate Shea(@kitkatshea), Anne(@andrearaereads) among those creating content and discussion groups for the platform, its set to be an educational, lovely, and insightful club.

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