Watch Borat and his daughter visit an anti-abortion clinic in 'Borat 2' teaser

Watch Borat and his daughter visit an anti-abortion clinic in ‘Borat 2’ teaser

Sacha Baron Cohen has been a busy man in the lead up to the release of his long-awaited sequel to Borat, including making a recent chaotic appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The highly-anticipated sequel is titled Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Set for release via Amazon Prime in two days on October 23, Sacha Baron Cohen has been getting well into character, and up to all sorts of antics during his promo for the sequel, which includes a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live and an official teaser clip that was released yesterday.

Borat 2 (1)

During his Kimmel appearance, Borat appeared alongside his on-screen daughter, Sandra Jessica Parker Sagdiyev, and throughout the entire 15-minute segment, Kimmel didn’t get to ask a single question.

Instead, Borat shifted the focus onto the talk-show host with a variety of outlandish questions and statements, including: “As a member of Hollywood elite, have you recently drunk any unpasteurized children’s blood?”

Also doing the rounds is a teaser clip from the upcoming film that shows Borat attempting to help his daughter who has swallowed a toy baby. The pair head to a pregnancy centre and ask the doctor to “take out” the baby, after which confusion and peril, obviously, follow.

The Borat sequel follows the titular Kazakh journalist on his adventures as he returns to America with his teenage daughter, hoping to “gift her to someone close to the throne” – aka someone within reach of the White House.

Though the primary goal of the film is to provide the audience with belly-laughs courtesy of Borat and co’s shocking and inappropriate behaviour, Cohen aims to reveal the insidious side of Trump’s America and the dangers of authoritarianism. 

The original Borat was released in 2006 and grossed over $260 million worldwide. The film is recognised as a cult classic and is frequently referred to as one of the best comedies of the 21st century. So, in what looks to be a rainy weekend forecast ahead, snuggle in and sink your teeth into Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, out on Friday, October 23.