Margaret Atwoods ‘I told you so Mug’ is proving to be divisive.

Margaret Atwood has caused quite the stir on Twitter, dividing fans and naysayers alike.

Atwood has posted a pic of her sitting down holding a mug that says, ‘I told You So’. Come of the comments take aim at Atwood for appearing to take the credit for ‘foretelling’ the recent Roe Vs Wade outcome

Atwood spoke with People Mag last year and said that she never intended for the book to be prophetic. “There’s a precedent in real life for everything in the book, I decided not to put anything in that somebody somewhere hadn’t already done. But you write these books so they won’t come true.”

Detractors are flocking in with comments like ‘Smugness isn’t a virtue’

With Margaret commenting back, ‘I don’t claim to be virtuous. >:>}’

Others angrily tweeting  ‘My impending doom is not your viral tweet.’

And some asking her ‘read the room’ others asked her to rethink the tweet, ‘You should reconsider this. It looks smug and celebratory at a time when millions of American women are terrified for the future. I really hope you’re not this person’

‘You’ve said openly, numerous times, that everything that happened in The Handmaid’s Tale had happened IRL (in real life) somewhere before.So how can you say YOU are the one who told us, and not the Black, Indigenous, queer, etc women whose suffering informed your writing?’

Those defending the author’s right to tweet whatever the hell she wants to fall more in the lines of  ‘Yes Queen Tell Them’

to the more chirpy ‘Love you Miss Atwood! You’re an inspiration’.