Hot tubs and saunas are bad for sperm health, studies show

Apparently, “heat stress” caused by lengthy hot tub sessions can lower sperm count, and even lead to infertility in some men.

The link between heat and sperm health has been under study for quite some time. And for men trying to conceive, rising scrotal temperatures can actually be detrimental to overall fertility.

As stated by IFLSCIENCE, “your body is normally kept at 37oC (98.6oF), which is a bit of a problem for testicles as they need to be two degrees lower to keep their function on point. The human body is a fantastic system and actually has a way around this.”

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They continue, “the testes are covered by a muscle called cremaster, which can involuntarily contract or relax the testes toward or away from the body depending on if they need to be warmer or cooler – like a muscley accordion.”

The function of this muscle is reportedly crucial for the continuance of the human species. In fact, one study discovered that if scrotal temperatures rise by even a few degrees, infertility becomes a possibility.

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This concerning piece of information sparked the following debate – how could long hot tub, sauna or bath relaxation sessions potentially impact your swimmers and nut sack? Well, here’s what research has revealed throughout time.

Going back to 1983, a study involving the sperm collection of participants revealed that just ONE twenty-minute sauna sesh at 85°C could negatively impact sperm count; causing it to decline.

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Flash-forward to 2013, a group of volunteers took part in 15-minute sauna sessions, two times a week, at 80-90°C, for three whole months. This notable rise in testicle temperature caused by this experiment led to a decrease in sperm concentration and motility.

Three years on, a 2016 study generated damage to sperm cells and DNA. The volunteers in the study were asked to soak in a 43°C bath for ten 30-minute sessions.

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So, there you have it. Sorry to bore you with statistics, but we can’t argue with scientists spitting straight facts.

The bottom line is, if you’re trying to conceive, health experts recommend putting those hot tub sessions on hold for the time being. Keep those swimmers swimming!