Bored of Netflix? Lose yourself in the bizarre world of EXP TV

Spurred from a passion of VHS tapes, wacky clips, and archival gems comes the EXP TV stream, a cherry-picked video concoction of the weird and wonderful brought to you by the talented creatives Marcus Herring, Tom Fitzgerald, and Taylor C. Rowley.

EXP TV is a 24/7 stream of ephemeral found footage and mixtapes that we have been blessed with during the time of the world pandemic. So whether you’re sick of the tiresome YouTube scroll or can never decide what to watch on Netflix, EXP is here to take the monotony out of such choices and reward you with some offbeat clips to get you through isolation, broaden your horizons, and stimulate yo’ senses. 

“Bigfoot, underground 80s culture, Italo disco”: EXP TV is an endless online stream of obscure archival videos and found footage.

After quietly working away on the project for the past year sourcing material, the creators have launched the site as an alternative to the big streaming channels. The broadcast so far consists of over 60 hours of material ranging from the funny, the relevant, the irrelevant, the visually stunning, the interesting, the infamous, the good, the bad, and the fugly. 


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WOW, our mixtape of psychedelic and experimental animation from around the world, streams tonight at midnight on EXPTV.org! Link in bio 🗯

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With bizarre footage streaming from an extensive ‘tv guide’, EXP’s subject matter includes (but is not limited to): “Bigfoot, underground 80s culture, Italo disco, cults, Halloween hijinks, pre-revolutionary Iranian pop culture, French synth punk, reggae rarities, psychedelic animation and local news calamities.”

“We have been collecting video materials for decades. Years of VHS tape-trading, pouring through mom and pop’s video stores (RIP), even the internet!” EXP TV’s creators described in a recent interview with Dangerous Minds.

“It makes our day to stumble upon a Bulgarian sci-fi animation title we never heard of.  We love our work! Like a hip hop DJ/producer is looking for the perfect beat, we’re always searching for that perfect “clip”, that magic moment, that video gem.”

Head to the EXP TV to check it out.