BOY CURSED’s debut EP 7 is a journey of aggression and vulnerability

Beginning his musical journey just over a year ago, BOY CURSED is establishing himself as an emerging force in Aussie hip-hop, with a diversity that stems from his various influences and emotionally charged lyrics.

With the release of his debut EP, BOY CURSED highlights his technical wordplay and flowing cadence, along with smooth vocals and an evolving expertise in music production.

In his debut EP 7, Melbourne-based rapper BOY CURSED delivers trap-infused bangers that swing between emotional introspection and explosive aggression.

Born and raised in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne, BOY CURSED began to sink his teeth into the city’s underground hip-hop scene over the course of the last year, releasing his first single VISION and performing regularly at local dens such as The Workers Club and Laundry Bar.

The music video for his debut single VISION, where BOY performs as seven different versions of himself, served as a precursor for the EP The following seven-track project is thematically built on the concept of the seven deadly sins, with each song connected to one of the sins in one way or another.

BOY CURSED demonstrates a unique style and versatility as he blends influences from trap, contemporary R&B and rock into modern hip-hop music. The tracks in 7 oscillate between competitive aggression and emotional introspection, highlighting his diversity and growing expertise.

BOY CURSED highlights his dexterity not only by rapping and singing on the EP but also by co-producing the project with Daniel James Johnson. is BOY CURSED’s first collective work as a solo artist, establishing him as an exciting emerging talent in the Melbourne’s music space.

This EP is BOY CURSED’s method of confidently introducing himself into the hip-hop sphere as a force to be reckoned with, an up-and-coming dynamo who is set to improve on his already notable beginnings as he grows within his surroundings.

It may only be early days for this Melbourne-based rapper, but judging by what he’s already produced and his fresh approach to Aussie hip-hop, I think we can safely expect it won’t be long before we get plenty more bangers from BOY CURSED. In the meantime, check out his debut EP above.