‘Super Glue’ from Boy On A Hill sticks playful folk with sweet storytelling

Folk-pop duo Boy On A Hill have dropped their sophomore single, Superglue, a charming tale of love lost and found again.

Western Australian folk outfit Boy On A Hill quickly caught our attention with their debutPretty Thing, which detailed a love passed by.

We gravitated towards the song due to its vintage sound and instrumentation, such as a piano accordion. The duo injected warm tones into today’s music landscape, refreshing it with the beauty of a well-crafted folk track.

Boy On A Hill

For their second effort, the boys flip the coin on their debut, instead, telling a story of love found, with a cute music video to match.

Super Glue sails on a boat of whimsy and innocence, much like an early Simon & Garfunkel cut. The vocal line and acoustic scale bounce off each other, as the protagonist searches for his companion. “Hey, I wanna spend some time with you”.

Suddenly, a piano accordion swells and the instrumentation thickens, as detailed harmonies take over, followed by a wandering harmonica. It’s a beautiful moment of longing that’s reflected in the music video, animated by Ornella.

The music video goes for a craft book aesthetic, as lyrics drop and dangle around the protagonist via stop-start animation. By the end, the lover and the protagonist are sailing away on a rowboat, and a deescalating keyboard takes you along with them.

Boy On A Hill have found their stride on Super Glue. It’s got all the vintage qualities of the duo, while still being a cute pop tune for today’s indie crowd, looking for gentle tones and well-crafted songwriting.

Listen to Super Glue below: