Tina Rez opens up about endometriosis and it’s impact on her music

Sydney artist, Tina Rez, deep dives into her struggles experiencing endometriosis and the unchartered research of the disorder.

Coming from the release of her single ’90s groove tune, Love Dilemmasinger-songwriter Tina Rez peels back the layers and reveals the physical struggles that have impacted her music-making career.

The artist discusses the impact of endometriosis, a painful disorder in the uterus, fallopian tubes, or intestines that affects over 11% of women in Australia — impacting fertility and their ability to participate in everyday activities. Read on for Rez’s raw and honest take on the disorder, as she shines a light on the challenges behind her vibrant sound.

Tina Rez

Imagine having a condition or disorder that affects all aspects of your everyday life. You have gone above and beyond to find a cure, but you just get no answers? Well, this is what endometriosis is like! Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition and disorder that lines the uterus and grows outside the uterus. The tissue can be found on ovaries, intestines and the fallopian tubes. It also results in irregular menstruation, infertility, excruciating pain, heavy bleeding, bleeding in between periods, lethargy and inflammation.

I have suffered with severe endometriosis ever since I was 12 years old. I am now 29, with no answers and have just been left to suffer. As a pop artist who is striving towards success, living with this disorder has impacted my ability to stay motivated and to create. Even showing up on social media can be a struggle. It gets really challenging when on most days I am lethargic and experiencing pain which affects my mood, but I still push myself, because I want to be successful. I’m still so passionate and love what I do. I remember one time I had a vocal exam for uni, and that morning I was in excruciating pain; I couldn’t even stand up. I had to email my teacher an hour before the exam to explain why I couldn’t attend.


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Music life with endometriosis has unfortunately forced me to work around my menstrual calendar. If I want to book in a session at the studio, I make sure that it is nowhere near the due date of my menstrual cycle, otherwise I will not be fit enough to record or write music.

Sometimes I stress about booking shows and touring and always think “what if I can’t perform during the dates specified by the venue or booking agent due to my condition?” Or, “what if I ever have to cancel a show because I can’t stand up on my feet?”

Even though this condition impacts my life as an artist, I will continue to work on music and thrive. I will use my time wisely and ensure to always try and be the best version of myself. I remain optimistic and one day hoping there will be a cure for endometriosis.