A walrus is being literally ‘deported’ from UK shores for destroying boats

Once a loveable chunk of flubber, ‘Wally the Walrus’ has become a pest and “danger” for locals, after capsizing and destroying fisherman’s boats.

His presence once ignited a sense of happiness and excitement amongst Scilly locals, but after some hefty damages, Wally is becoming a liability.

The 907 kg juvenile walrus is known to snooze on boats for more than 48 hours, resulting in their malfunction or complete breakage.

wally the walrus capsized boats arctic global warming
Image: WhatsNew2Day

Wally surprised residents on the Isle of Scilly when he arrived in March.

After a quick hiatus to France and Spain, where he basked on their shores and lapped up the sun, he returned back to Scilly.

Locals welcomed the Arctic native back with open arms, but now the cost in damages has rendered their love for him…obsolete.

wally the walrus scilly uk capsize boats fisherman
Image: Sun

Isaac Scoble, a boat owner, vented his frustration in an online post:

That walrus needs to go. I don’t think visitors realise that the islanders spend a lot of money on their boats, some up to tens of thousands of pounds.

Another local expressed their relief that Wally had swapped the boats out for a “floating pontoon“:

Wally also seems to struggle with personal space, after the hefty beast joined a couple on the diving platform of their boat, leaving them “very shocked“.

They spent 20 minutes trying to usher Wally off their boat.

wally the walrus couple UK scilly boat
Image: Wales Online

What feels like a more pressing question is what drove Wally to swap his home in the Arctic for the conditions in the UK?

A little thing called climate change and global warming…maybe? Not sure.

His solo quest to find a new home is actually quite heart-breaking.

On average a walrus can migrate over 1,863 miles every year. Wally’s trip to France and Spain, then back to Cornwall works out to be around 1,110 miles.

Let’s not forget that there are 2,956 miles between the Arctic and Cornwall, although some sources believe he hitched a ride from the Arctic to the UK on an iceberg.

Regardless, if these figures are from Wally’s trip within the past year, the distance he has travelled is concerning.

cornwall to arctic miles google map data
Image: Google Map Data

No wonder he sleeps so much!

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are currently working with expert divers to safely and peacefully transport Wally from the UK. Officials are still deciding where to move him.

Same sis, same.