Firenado threatens to destroy weed farms in city called ‘Weed’

A firenado tearing through Northern California threatens to blaze up a small town called ‘Weed’, much to the fear of cannabis farmers.

A lightning strike on June 24, has now progressed to produce a ferocious firenado that is only 19 per cent contained.

Farmers are currently struggling to protect their cannabis crops under the ominous, looming presence of the firenado.

weed town firenado fire
Image: Active NorCal

The firenado is quickly proved relentless, with already 20,000 acres burned across Siskiyou County.

In an interview with VICE, resident and cannabis business owner, Shane Philips, spoke about the terrifying and gut-wrenching ordeal:

You can see it coming…The only thing you think about is everything you worked your whole life for is going to be gone in a flash“.

More than 6,000 growing sites are at risk of the aggressive fire vortex, which could exceed 140 mph.

The below video depicts a firenado ripping through a forest near Weed city.

So far, residents are sticking by their crops. However, if the dire situation continues to worsen, business owners will be faced with the difficult decision of either risking their lives to protect their property or evacuate and watch their life go up in flames.

A Twitter user photographed the terrifying ordeal:


At the current rate, around 3,200 people have been warned to evacuate. However, Philips has chosen to stay and protect his crops, despite the rapidly shrinking gap between him and the fire.

A cannabis farmer his whole life, Philip is struggling to comprehend the situation as he attempts to process his next move, “It’s not new, but the feeling is almost indescribable.

firenado weed city shane philips
Image: Battle Creek Enquirer

Aircrafts and ground grew are currently trying to prevent the fire from reaching residential areas, as tensions arise in Weed between residents and officials.

Locals feel as though the state authorities are not helping enough, their resources inadequate against the wrath of the fire.

Despite the fearful fate of this city, Weed town historian, Larry Blankenship, wants people to know that there is more to Weed than just its unique name.

It initially began as a logging town, and became one of the largest producers of wood in the nation.

Weed…It’s a town, not an ingredient and I love it“.

firenado weed city cannabis fire crop philips
Image: Business Journal

Yes, yes we do too.