‘Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut’ ventures into the next-gen this August

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut will bring a host of new next-gen features, along with some exciting new content, to the PS4 hit. So ready your blade and prepare to defend the Island of Tsushima all over again.

Sucker Punch Productions have officially announced they will be releasing Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut on August 20. The highly successful PS4 action adventure, which on its release was celebrated as a wonderful swansong for the ageing console, will receive some exciting upgrades that extend into next-gen territory.

The Director’s Cut will be available for purchase as a standalone game, or as an upgrade for players that already own the original version of Ghost of Tsushima. New players will have to pay $59.99 (USD, as the Australian PS Store hasn’t been updated yet) for the PS4 version, or $69.99 for the PS5 one.

ghost of tsushima directors cut
Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut / Sucker Punch Productions

The upgrade options are priced at $19.99 for the PS4 version, and $29.99 for the PS5. For $9.99 players can choose to upgrade their PS4 version to a PS5 one at anytime. All in all, while the prices aren’t exactly cheap, they are what we have come to expect.

That said, judging by the list of features and upgrades, it appears the developers aren’t phoning Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut in.

Exclusive content for Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut  

All versions of the upgrade will have access to a brand new area in the form of the Iki Island expansion, which will reportedly contain unreleased story-related quests. Exclusive new items, such as armor for player character Jin and his horse, will further fill out the expansion – along with all the currently available Legends content, at no extra cost.

On the official PlayStation website the developers also teased that Ghost of Tsushma: Director’s Cut will include a brand-new game mode, which they will reveal at a later date.

ghost of tsushima ps5
Image: Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut / Sucker Punch Productions

PS5 features

The PS5 version of the game will give players the option of various different performance modes, all based around combinations of 4k video, 60FPS, and 3D audio. You know, the stuff you expect for a next-gen upgrade.

More unique is that the PS5 version of the game will offer lip syncing for players that wish to play the game in Japanese. Unfortunately, the relevant technology is exclusive to the PS5.

The PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushma: Director’s Cut will utilise the new console’s DualSense controller system, incorporating haptic feedback into the game. So the next time you unleash a barrage of arrows at an unsuspecting enemy, expect it to feel even more rewarding.

ghost of tsushima beautiful
Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut / Sucker Punch Productions

Accessibility and transfers

The developers have also taken the time to point out that they have taken into account a bunch of relevant user feedback. Most importantly, they state:

All players will receive a patch with some new accessibility options for alternate controller layouts, as well as the option to enable a target lock-on during combat.”

Finally, players will be able to transfer their current progress in the vanilla version of the game to Ghost of Tsushma: Director’s Cut.

So that should just about cover it, all things considered a pretty solid reason to venture back into the world of feudal Japan. It’ll have to do, at least until the Hollywood film adaptation makes its way onto the silver screen.