PREMIERE: Thunder Boys Unveil Genre-Bending Masterpiece ‘Leak In The Dreamworld’

‘Leak in the Dreamworld’ is what you get when you blend intelligent music making, passion, and a fearless willingness to defy genre boundaries

Californian alt rockers, Thunder Boys, live up to their mind-bending soundscape on “Leak In The Dreamworld,” seamlessly blending influences that range from a punch of nu-metal to layered electronica and driving rock riffs.

Their signature alt-rock foundation weaves through it all, punctuated by catchy melodies and the raw intensity of Alice in Chains-inspired vocals, with a hint of Linkin Park thrown in for good measure. This genre-bending odyssey tackles anger, alienation, and hope, resulting in a powerful and relatable soundscape that lingers long after the final note.

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Opening track “Strength Of All” sets the tone with a mood steeped in synth, futuristic and contemplative, before dropping into a grounded psych electronic rock groove. It’s a journey from introspection to immersive physicality, asking existential questions along the way.

“Sorry Jars and Shooting Stars” drifts more into the realm of psychedelic dream than rock, perfect for those wanting to lose themselves in the cosmos. The title track, “Leak In The Dreamworld,” encapsulates the album’s essence—ethereal yet grounded, dreamy yet intense.


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The softer “I Need A Hug” invokes the spirit of Sgt. Pepper’s, but with a psych rock twist, offering a tender touch amidst the album’s more intense moments. “Tiger Tooth In My Growl” introduces a refreshing acoustic flavor, a nearly four-minute jam that feels both intimate and expansive.

“HLYSIBG” is a melancholic love song, rich with poetic moodiness and a hint of country via sliding steel guitar. “Conduit to the Deceased” returns to dark alternative metal sensibilities, while the closing track, “Fists To The Sky,” mixes barking dogs and a gentle guitar medley, symbolizing light and creativity amidst darkness.

Recorded in six rooms of Tyson Vogel’s parents’ home in Sonoma, CA, the album emerged from the depths of personal and global turmoil during the 2020 pandemic. Vogel, along with Brandon Chester, Aaron Diko, and Justin Flowers, found solace and necessity in their creation, leading to a record that feels both spontaneous and deeply intentional.

Producer Karl Derfler, a long-time mentor, expanded the album into its final form, crafting a fearless, spiritual odyssey through catastrophe and resilience. Tracks like “Conduit to the Deceased” and the acoustic “Tiger Tooth in my Growl” highlight the band’s dynamic range, while the orchestral-psychedelic-country closer “Fist to the Sky” encapsulates the album’s spiritual journey.

Leak In The Dreamworld is a testament to Thunder Boys’ ability to find beauty in chaos and creativity in hardship. It’s a raw, unfiltered exploration of hope, destruction, and love, defying categorization while connecting deeply with listeners. Thunder Boys know who they are and express it with an authenticity that resonates through every track.

Listen to the album in full below, and get to know Thunder Boys for your good selves.