The Soulful Journey of TOBY. ‘s EP ‘Mind Of Mine’

TOBY. delivers a blend of modern and classic styles that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly new

Hailing from Boston, TOBY. bursts onto the scene with a debut EP, “Mind of Mine,” that’s more than just music – it’s a therapy session laid bare.

This isn’t your average angst-ridden teen diary; TOBY. delves deep, weaving tales of childhood struggles and the resilience found in the face of pain.

TOBY. happy mag review

The beauty of R&B’s magic lies in its ability to blend soulful vocals, rich history, and emotional depth, creating a powerful and ever-evolving genre that empowers listeners and pushes musical boundaries, and TOBY. nails it.

Opener “Stuck in a Void” sets the mood, a slow-burning neo-soul number echoing Minnie Riperton’s smoky mood with a touch of modern Kehlani. It’s a sonic invitation to a world of vulnerability, a space where shared experiences transcend genres.

The EP then takes a surprising turn with “Scream,” a genre-bending gem that fuses soft country twang with smooth R&B harmonies. It’s a testament to TOBY.’s versatility, a quality further emphasized by “So Cold,” a track that channels the raw soul of Aretha Franklin with a modern twist.

“Where’s My Mind” brings the tempo back up, a sweet and poignant ballad that empowers listeners to rise above emotional turmoil. Here, TOBY.’s vocals shine, delivering a timeless performance that wouldn’t feel out of place alongside the greats.

The EP closes with “Serenity,” a gentle wash of ocean sounds and tinkling piano that serves as a sonic exhale. It’s a fitting end to this deeply affecting journey, leaving you feeling cleansed and hopeful.

“Mind of Mine” isn’t afraid to wear its influences on its sleeve –  a sprinkle of classic R&B there and a sprinkle of modern R&B here – but what TOBY. does, and does well, is inject a fresh dose of authenticity into the mix.

This is more than just an EP; it’s a declaration of purpose, a powerful testament to the healing power of music and the beauty of self-acceptance.

Listen to “Mind of Mine,” below.