BRAND channels raucous noise-punk on latest single, ‘Kruger’

Kruger from BRAND is what would happen if you put a crunchy Death Grips drum loop on top of a boozed-up Nirvana jam session.

Sam and Sam make up BRAND; a self-aware duo group labelled as ‘certified noise pollution. While this may be true, BRAND continues to serve up tracks teeming with attitude and energy, ideal for late nights in the dorm room or when you need to soundtrack your rebellious endeavours.

This modern-day punk act hails from Preston to Brunswick to the central business district of Melbourne City. Let’s dive into the creative process of BRAND, and their unapologetic second single, Kruger.


Kruger kicks off a glitched snare and some blaring guitar distortion, building tension for the relentless onslaught to come.

“Nobody knows! Nobody knows how much they don’t know”, Sam belts at full force. While the melody is shouted, it actually becomes incredibly catchy by the end of the track, especially paired with the dissonant guitar howls.

For any old school Nirvana fans out there, the guitar work will sound familiar, though BRAND gives their sound a modern edge via their glitch-production techniques.

Meanwhile, the drumming is busy and full of marching snare, giving Kruger a sense of forwarding momentum.


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“The main sentiment of the track is that nobody knows anything“, Sam comments. This is “paralled in the artwork by a bust statue of Socrates wearing some pit vipers”.

Clever. We’re excited to see BRAND continue to stick its middle fingers up to the man with such a dynamic style of performance.

Listen to Kruger below: