A man sold his house to open Brisbane’s first record press in decades

Brisbane resident Neil Wilson has taken a gamble, selling his house to open the first record press in his city since the ’90s.

In case you haven’t been told 1000 times already, a vinyl resurgence is very much on the cards. And, there’s exciting news for musicians and record labels in Australia, because a new record press is opening in Brisbane next year.

A report by MRC Data found that in the first half of 2021, vinyl sales increased by 108%. Even here in Australia, the market grew by 32% last year.

Photo: Tyrone Turner

Unfortunately, only a small number of record presses are operating in Australia, so it can be difficult for musicians to release albums on vinyl.

Wilson hopes that the business venture will benefit local bands, and there’s a very high chance it will. Frontman of Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice and owner of Marthouse Records, Dougal Shaw can vouch for the cause, hailing local presses as “invaluable”.

Although Shaw is based in Melbourne, his local press, Zenith Records, has been a convenient and reliable resource for printing records.

It could make a difference for independent musicians and labels living in the rest of Australia too. Newcastle based musician James Bennett is excited by the prospect, “I think the prices would have to be more competitive if there were (more Australian presses)”.

Of course, there are more factors involved and sourcing materials can be expensive for the pressing companies but hey, this could be the start of a vinyl renaissance in Australia.

Wilson hopes his record press will be operational by March/April next year but he is still looking for a location.