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In this grocery store made of felt, there’s sew much more than meets the eye

British artist Lucy Sparrow has done a thing, a pretty big thing. Known for her felt recreations of mundane, everyday objects, Sparrow has been been at it with her sewing equipment since 1986.

Which is probably how long it took to piece together this here exhibition. 8 ‘Til Late is a temporary installation in Manhattan which may seem like your average grocery store when you glaze over it, but there’s sew much more to this space than meets the eye.

Felt artist manhattan grocery store

How long must this have taken? Lucy Sparrow has recreated an entire grocery store in felt, including the thousands of products which line its shelves.

And just for that extra-real feeling, everything on display at 8 ‘Til Late is on sale. You’ll find breakfast cereal, frozen products, tinned fruit and even a deli in-store.

Check out a few more pictures below, and head to Sparrow’s website if you want to get your hands on any of these treats.



Via Colossal.


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June 23, 2017