British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care due to coronavirus

Boris Johnson, the conservative Prime Minister of the UK, has been taken into intensive care with worsening symptoms of coronavirus.

Johnson is being treated in St Thomas’ Hospital in central London, where he had plans to run the country from his hospital bed, however, it will become clearer today if he will need to be put on a ventilator.

Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been admitted to an intensive care unit at St Thomas’ Hospital in central London 11 days after announcing he had coronavirus.

The expecting-father announced on twitter 11 days ago that he had contracted the virus, following several celebrity coronavirus cases. Many were unsurprised as Britain’s leader approached regulations to the deadly virus with an air of superiority. He had not observed social-distancing, continued to shake hands with many, and held in-person meetings for the cabinet.

Boris took to twitter again on Friday to update his followers again on the “campaign against coronavirus”. He outlined that he had been feeling better although as his high-temperature persisted he would remain in isolation.

However, this nonchalant attitude has been publicly scrutinised. Merely three days after he announced his admission to hospital, his health had rapidly deteriorated and he had now been admitted to the ICU. It is unclear if he will need to be put on a ventilator but it is estimated that two-thirds of ICU patients do.

The announcement on Sunday came just hours after the Queens special address to the nation – the fourth of its kind in her 67-year reign.

Whilst we’ve not been informed of the exact details and severity of his case the PM has now granted the First Secretary of State, Dominic Raab, permission to deputise for him where necessary.

Much like all the news of the last few weeks, which seems to be subject to change on an hourly basis – Johnson was initially adamant he would continue to run the country from his hospital bed. The change of tone and political tactic suggests the government had previously downplayed Boris’ symptoms and may be intentionally keeping the public in the dark.

Many world leaders have expressed their thoughts and prayers to Boris in his fight against the virus. Trump sent his best to his “good friend” whilst Scott Morison tweeted:

“Get well soon @BorisJohnson. Thinking of you, your family and all our UK friends at this tough time.”

Britain’s PM’s admission into the ICU serves as a stark reminder that regardless of status and power COVID-19 does not discriminate. Whether you like or loathe him personally, or his politics we should all unite in wishing him well and a speedy recovery.