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Britney Spears petitions for her father to be removed as conservator.

Britney Spears petitions for her father, Jamie Spears, to be removed as her conservator in new court filings from lawyers.

Britney Spears’ attorney has filed for a petition on Tuesday, which has requested that her father, Jamie Spears be removed as the pop-stars conservator and replaced with Jodi Montgomery.

The singer has requested that her father not be her care manager, it does still mean, however, that her father would remain in control of Britney’s finances.

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Image: Nerd Alert News

Jamie Spears has been the conservator of both Britney and her estate since 2008 but temporarily stepped back from managing Britney’s personal affairs in September of 2019 due to health issues. Since then Jodi, who is an experienced conservator has temporarily stepped in.

Jodi’s job since stepping in has included managing who Britney can and can’t see, as well as assisting in making health decisions for the pop star. It all sounds quite scary managing someone’s decisions for them, but the job of the conservator is to assess the star’s needs and then communicate them to professionals.


The topic of Britney Spears’s conservatorship has been a topic of public debate following the FX documentary Framing Britney Spears, which sparked the ongoing debate on ‘freeing Britney‘. 

Britney’s father was given almost full control of the singer’s life following the pop star’s hospitalisation for psychiatic treatment in 2008. Britney has since been in conservatorship with her father – which has meant that Britney has not had much control of her life. In court, Britney’s attorneys have appealed that Britney wished to permanently have Jodi’s professionalism around to manage her personal affairs.


Following the explosive interview of Oprah and Harry and Meghan, there were reports that Britney wished to sit down with Oprah in a tell-all interview. New reports, however, have come out confirming that Britney is considering a tell-all interview, but it would not be with Oprah and would have to be on Britney’s terms.

The next court hearing regarding the conservatorship is scheduled for April 27.