Britney Spears' 'toxic' dad is finally suspended from her conservatorship

Britney Spears’ ‘toxic’ dad is finally suspended from her conservatorship

After months of fighting for her freedom, a judge has officially suspended Britney’s father from her toxic 13-year-long conservatorship.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Brenda Penny ruled Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship as a “toxic environment” before suspending her father, Jamie Spears, from further controlling her life and money.

Spears, 39, and her attorney compiled a petition clearly outlining that her father, Jamie, will give up his tyrannical role as her conservator immediately.

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After hearing both sides of the argument, Penny agreed with Britney’s petition stating, “the current situation is untenable” and “requires the suspension of James Spears.”

Jamie Spears sought the conservatorship in 2008 when Britney was only in her late 20s.

Being the primary controller and advocate of the conservatorship, he recently flipped course by asking the judge to end the conservatorship.

Britney and her attorney Mathew Rosengart concurred the conservatorship’s cease and added that the removal of Britney’s father was a necessary first step.

Since the judge allowed Britney to choose her own attorney in July, Rosengart has been strongly pushing for Jamie Spears’ removal.
Hours before the hearing, the major street of the courthouse was closed to vehicles, allowing approximately 100 Britney supporters to advocate for her by rallying, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, the conservatorship has got to go!” in addition to other supportive chants.
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As the crowd accumulated, fans sang Toxic and Baby One More Time accompanied by speakers who described how abusive conservatorships had personally affected them and their families.

One of the speakers who travelled from Phoenix to support Britney at the courthouse, 27-year-old Martino Odeh stated:

“We’re making history right now. And the fact we could change a pop star’s life, who has been robbed of her rights for 13 years is crazy. It’s monumental.”

“We’re hoping for a big change today,” Odeh added.

Emphasising the cruciality of removing Jamie Spears from the conservatorship, Rosengart stated that this conservatorship was a ‘Kafkaesque’ nightmare imposed on Britney.

In an additional filing this week, Rosengart stated that Britney’s father had “crossed unfathomable lines” by participating in illegal surveillance of her, including communication with her lawyer, as was reported in The New York Times documentary Controlling Britney Spears.

A happy Britney with her long-term boyfriend and recent fiancé, Sam Asghari
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Court filings also outlined an aspect of Britney’s personal life – her recent engagement to her long-term boyfriend Sam Asghari – and how the compilation of a prenuptial agreement should exclude Jamie Spears.

In 2019, Jamie Spears ‘stepped aside’ as the conservator of his daughter’s personal life yet maintained his role controlling her estate and finances. Spears and his attorneys stated that this renders many of his daughter’s complaints about his control over her life meaningless.

Despite the toxicity of this entire situation, Jamie Spears claims to have been acting in his daughter’s best interest. According to court papers, he previously stated that he does not know of “a single medical professional nor the report of a single probate investigator” that concluded that his role as conservator was harmful to Britney or that he should be replaced.

Everything is finally comin’ up Britney.