Video Premiere: Bronte Alva questions the so called prime of our youth with ‘Hey…’

Kiama’s very own singer-songwriter Bronte Alva continues her meteoric rise with the release of her poignant new single “Hey…”.

Fresh off the success of her breakout track “Change Loving You,” Bronte Alva’s new 2024 release dives into the raw and often wild journey of young adulthood, especially through the eyes of young women navigating this transformative time.

“Hey…” captures the whirlwind of emotions typical of your early twenties, mapping out the often confusing path of self-discovery.

Recorded in Glebe with acclaimed producer Fletcher Matthews (who’s worked with Dear Seattle and The Buoys), the track is a deeply personal story for Bronte that also resonates universally with anyone looking for a kindred spirit.

Reflecting on the song’s creation, Bronte shares, “I was going through a major creative block, struggling to hold onto my songwriter identity because I just wasn’t writing. One day, trying to feel better, I sat down at the piano and wrote the line ‘I don’t feel like myself anymore.'”

With chords crafted in collaboration with guitarist Max Jacobs, “Hey…” quickly came to life. In the studio, Matthews created an environment where Bronte’s lyrics could truly shine, ensuring each word was full of meaning. “It really just came together from there,” she adds.

The track candidly explores the shift from youthful naivety to a more mature self-awareness, embracing the often messy reality of this journey. It underscores the necessity of learning and redefining one’s path. Through “Hey…”, Bronte extends a reassuring message to her audience: even amidst uncertainty, the journey itself holds value.

“The verses explore the journey of leaving behind the selfishness and naivety of youth,” Bronte explains. “The choruses delve into the unique challenges young women face during this pivotal time. Society portrays our early twenties as our ‘prime,’ yet it often feels like a relentless battle for validation. In the midst of this chaos, we compare our struggles to the seemingly perfect lives of others.”

For Bronte, finding peace in the chaos has been crucial. “The lyrics capture one aspect,” she says, “but the true acceptance came when I allowed myself the space to just figure things out.”

Accompanying the release is a visually stunning music video by Sinead Campion (GRXCE – Sorry For Being Sad) and Bronte Alva set against a picturesque hinterland backdrop, where Bronte’s enigmatic persona shines through. The narrative unfolds with an antagonist initially masked and hiding in public, who ultimately reveals their true self in a powerful finale.

Watch the video above and get a proper dose of an artist bringing fresh energy to the Australian indie scene.