Bruce Springsteen proves that he’s still the Boss by doing the conga onstage during a power outage

Everyone knows that Springsteen is the boss. For more than 35 years the tele lovin’ boy of New Jersey has proven just why he’s so revered, and he’s proven it again earlier this week in Paris, when the legend continued to perform for the thousands at his concert after the power had gone out.


Ever hoped to see Bruce ‘the boss’ Springsteen tear it up then do the conga onstage? Well, your wish has just been granted.

According to reports, Springsteen blew a fuse at Accor Hotels Arena, resulting in 20 minutes of darkness.

The lack of electricity didn’t stop 66 year old Springsteen from using his energy to sign autographs in the crowd, and to join a random conga line on stage with the E Street Band.

When the power eventually came back on, the band busted straight into their 1984 classic, Dancing In the Dark.

I mean c’mon, the guy literally danced in the dark, then proceeded to sing about it, could anyone be more of a boss?!

Check out the video below.