Brush up on the fiery poetic rock of Patti Smith with this epic 13-hour playlist

Sometimes when you want to get to know an artist, taking the time to sit down and binge on their music is the only way to truly tap into their sound, essence, and ethos. And doing this in chronological order is often the only way to go.

This is why we’re big fans of epic Spotify playlists that track the career of an artist from start to finish. We’ve already shared ones we’ve stumbled across featuring Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Now it’s Patti Smith we want you to get to know a little better.

Patti Smith

Brush up on the fiery poetic rock of Patti Smith with this epic 13-hour playlist of her albums in chronological order.

Patti Smith is one of the most celebrated rock musicians of all time. Her illustrious career is one the most graceful, diginified and meaningful in cultural history and to not be across her staggering discography would be a huge loss for any discerning rock ‘n’ roll fan.

Smith was one of the pioneers of punk in NYC during the mid-7os. Her fierce fusion of poetry and rock was unlike anything anyone had heard before, and her debut album Horses fills a vital gap between The Velvet Undergroud and The Ramones in the cultural chronology of the city.

But her discograophy doesn’t stop there, and to overlook her works post-1975 would mean neglecting not only some of her best music, but some of the best music to come out in the last 40 years.

From the colloquail and poetic Radio Etheopia to The Coral Sea – her live album with My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields – jump into the wonderful discography of Patti Smith (minus a few albums that aren’t on Spotify) below. Big love to Open Culture for putting this together!