Sit back and soak up the crazy visuals Pink Floyd used during their ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ tours

Pink Floyd were one of the chief pioneers of the multi-sensory, immersive live performance.

Early in their career, they dabbled with large-scale projections and liquid light shows at small clubs in the London. And in the latter half of the 60s they were the first band to attempt a “surround sound” performance, using a quadraphonic speaker system to send sounds swirling around auditoriums – a technique they would explore further during the recording on Dark Side of the Moon.

Pink Floyd Live visuals

Sit back and watch the trippy visuals that Pink Floyd created for their North American tours for Dark Side of the Moon.

In the early 70s, as their budgets for live performances grew, they got even more experimental, going as far as creating short films to project behind them while they played. Arguably the most memorable of these experiences was during the band’s 1974 and 1975 North American tours for Dark Side.

Although the visuals for these shows were never released officially, there are bootleg copies of it that have emerged. Check some out below.