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Build the Vote: a ‘Minecraft’ server teaching people how to vote in the 2020 election

Just in time for the US election, Americans can now practice voting on Minecraft using the Build the Vote server.

To date Minecraft has hosted everything from virtual concerts to school graduations to the journey from Bag End to Mordor, now Build the Vote is here to teach millennials and Gen Y how to vote.

The collaboration between Sid Lee and Rock the Vote took place within the virtual world of Minecraft. A grandiose white building on a hill is their attempt to engage the youth with politics.

minecraft build the vote

We’ve already seen politicians working their way into Animal Crossing: New Horizons and AOC making an appearance as an Among Us streamer — in a US election year, you can bet politics will begin to bleed into games heavier than usual. Although everyone loved AOC’s Twitch debut, how should we feel about Build the Vote?

This Minecraft server is about as neutral as it gets. With its intentions lying in helping millennials familiarising themselves with the voting process, Build the Vote seems like a helpful tool with the correct intentions. This is a huge step-up from other campaigns – anyone remember ‘Pokemon Go to the polls’?

Sid Lee has successfully built a tool to help educate the public on the voting process. There aren’t any candidates for the players to vote for, but there are policies that reflect the ones from the real world including criminal justice, immigration, and political reforms. Each player gets to vote once and you even get a neat skin for it (just like getting the sticker at an actual voting ballot).

Rock the Vote has done a lot in helping digitise the voting progress. We encourage our American friends to check out their work on their official site.