Tusi chats positivity, songwriting, and his fresh new single ‘Show The World’

We were lucky enough to catch up with Tusi to break down his sunny new single.

Tusi doesn’t hesitate for a second on his latest single. Echoing in sunny, reggae-laced tones, Show the World is a fresh and funky new track ready to take you right through summer.

Fresh off the release, we caught up with the artist for a chat about the release and the inspiration behind it.


HAPPY: Hey Tusi, how’s it going? What are you up to at this very moment?

TUSI: I’m just in the process of finishing off my second year in Uni. I am currently studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Music. It was definitely a tough task switching from attending classes every day and engaging with like-minded musicians to being situated at home on a computer learning new things, technically on top of figuring out how to pass a class in a whole different manner. Musicians, in general, have suffered from the pandemic and unfortunately, some of my peers have had to defer from their degree due to the different learning circumstances. I’d like to show love to those doing it tough, whether it be in a music environment or as a human being. We, as musicians, make music for these tough times, but it affects everyone who is breathing around the world. So, making a song that strikes some kind feeling to anyone who listens to it is a great feeling to me.

HAPPY: We’re loving the new single Show The World! How does it feel having out there in the world?

TUSI: The fact that this song took four months to perfect every little sound goes to show the dedication and hard work I put into this song in particular. There’s still small things to improve on which goes to show that I’m always hungry to better myself and production. The release of this song was awesome and important to the quality of song I can create, I had a ton feedback from friends, family, and non-reggae listeners complimenting me on the replayability and the positive vibes it sends. So many words cannot express the joy and love I feel when receiving all the feedback.

HAPPY: Could you tell us a bit about the song?

TUSI: This song is for the people who get pushed around by the higher power, to anybody that chooses the narrative for you, and to those who feel alone without knowing we are all around when times are tough. This song was written and told as a comeback story before the current pandemic and protests around the world but, in actuality, it ties right into all of what 2020 has offered us as a whole. I share the positive things in life and with the groovy bass line, the authentic live drums, and the snappy guitars and keys, I hope my vocals give that storytelling aspect. This is only a small but my best way to give somebody the good vibe living.

HAPPY: Positivity just radiates from this track. What inspired you to write with this ethos?

TUSI: If you’ve met me in person or you’ve had the chance to see me perform, I am generally a high-spirited, energetic, and humble person. The fact that I can spread joy and positivity through your speakers and in your ears means a lot to me and makes my day. I love those upbeat tracks that really make you move or bring some sense of engagement and I aim to continue with that trend along the way with my music.

HAPPY: Where did music begin for you?

TUSI: My very first memory of singing would have to be when I was around seven or eight years old, performing Let It Be by The Beatles in primary school. Listening to my mum singing around the house and growing up with old-school tunes from the early ’50s, ’60s, and beyond, which lead to my love of music in general. Not just one specific genre, but anything and everything of music.

HAPPY: You’ve got such a fresh blend of reggae and hip-hop going in this track. What draws you towards these styles?

TUSI: I’ve always appreciated the art of hip-hop and the fundamentals surrounding it. I’ve never had the chance to write or perform a rap verse until hit the age of 22, but growing up around rap made sense for me to engage in it. I feel both hip-hop and reggae glide together so perfectly because of the nature of reggae which aims to spread vibes and give truth to the roots and the growth when hip-hop gives the storytelling aspect with a message to go with the story. So, combining both is a no-brainer for me. I grew up with these types of tunes separately, so why not combine them and give a different take on it all?

HAPPY: How does the writing process typically look for you?

TUSI: I take a few different approaches to my writing. I can write up a verse and have no idea where the direction is going then, later on, get some melodies forming in my head to create a track. I can hear a track that somebody has presented me and write something up that will go with the mood of it, record a demo, and listen to it over and over again to hear if there’s that replayability or melody switch up. I have also had those times when I would search for beats off of YouTube and scroll through them for countless hours, trying to find that beat that will suit a particular vibe I am looking for.

Show the World is a mixture of finding a beat off of YouTube, writing a verse, and listening for those catchy melodies. I will write a verse, record that, and take a break away from my project for a couple of hours or to sleep on it until the next morning. These methods would be the foundation of how I make a song.

HAPPY: Are there any other artists that you’re really digging at the moment?

TUSI: Definitely. As I said, before I get into everything, I love listening to the newest tracks and trends either on the radio or through recommendations. I’m always keeping my ears out for new artists and new tunes whether that be in Melbourne, in Australia, or around the globe. I have so many artists that I’m listening to in the local scene and I really hope for the best with them all with success in the future. I’m excited to collab with the future talent in the coming months and years and at the end of the day, give people something to groove to.

HAPPY: What’s next for Tusi? Any other exciting plans in the works?

TUSI: I’m always working on new tracks and trying to find those new ideas to present to this always growing community. I’m branching out to a few different styles in the coming months ranging from R&B, hip hop, and more reggae vibes. I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to my new tracks and I know it’s only the beginning from here. In 2021, I’m looking to take my original tracks on stage and I see big things on the horizon.

HAPPY: Cheers for the chat!

TUSI: Love it! This was amazing to do and I hope to touch back on future tracks.

Check out Show the World here