We’re giving away two Bulldog Ultimate Men’s Grooming Kits worth $299!

Want to take home a $299 self-care package for you and a mate? We’ve got two Bulldog Ultimate Men’s Grooming Kits to give away.

Bulldog Skincare know how to keep a man looking his best. Since 2005 they’ve been creating no-nonsense skincare options for a variety of skin types – from scruff to pillow soft. They’ve never used ingredients from animal sources, and stay well away from a lot of the icky stuff plaguing beauty products, from plastic microbeads to artificial colouring.

Today we’re pleased to be giving a pair of Ultimate Men’s Grooming Kits from Bulldog, setting yourself and a mate up to look and feel damn good. All in the bundles are valued at $299, and include a wide range of products, from beard oils to an environmentally friendly bamboo razor.

Bulldog Ultimate Men's Grooming Kit

The last few decades have seen men well and truly embrace their own grooming and beauty routines. As Youtube and other social media gave rise to a growing number of male or male-targeted beauty bloggers and influencers, plenty more men found themselves wanting to care for their money makers – as they should.

Right now, this is truer than ever. According to research commissioned by Bulldog, almost half of men around Australia (42%) are ready to experiment with their looks up top as the country collectively leaves lockdown behind. We’ve got plenty of socialising to catch up on, after all, and it’s a no-brainer that looking good is a must.

The research shows that 58% of men plan to say goodbye to – or at least trim – their elongated lockdown beards, and a hefty 11% of men are planning a moustache as they hike through the warmer months.

With hair care comes skin care, and 19% of survey respondents declared they’re keen to reinvigorate their own skincare routines, or at least get started with some daily touchpoints such as a moisturiser or face wash.

If you count yourself amongst those Australian men who are ready to treat themselves a little, the Bulldog Ultimate Men’s Grooming Kit is a perfect place to get started. Two kits are available this time around, so if you have a mate that could do with a little upkeep, even better.

Check out what’s in the kit below:

Bulldog Ultimate Men’s Grooming Kit

To enter, all you need to do is like and comment on the Facebook post below. A winner will be chosen at random when the post is one week old, so you don’t have to come up with a witty comment, but we always appreciate them regardless.

Please note you must be an Australian resident to enter. You can also feel free to enter on behalf of a mate – boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, or whoever.