Byron Bay’s latest export Chris Carter chats his new solo career, and the slick home setup it came to life in

Chris Carter is pretty clear on what his music is all about. Speaking to him, he doesn’t hold back;“I’m all about life, art & expression. I think that everyone has a platform to create on, and for me it’s music. I’m just trying to feed the hunger for creativity and share it ’round.”

The Byron Bay artist has just released Do Me Like That.., the debut single of his new solo career and the track is definitely reflective of the new direction he is taking, in both his music and his personal life.

Chris Carter

Do Me Like That.. comes off of his upcoming release Goodness, Gracious Me, the first release for Chris Carter and unlikely to be the last.

Having recently ventured into new territory after time with band Living Phantasms, Carter is looking to find meaning outside of the conventional and expected.

“It came to life quite quickly and it had followed a small writer’s block that broke when I set up a space to record these songs. I thought it would be fitting to release as a kind of new beginning I guess. It was good to just throw it out there and everyone be like ‘hmm… what’s this?’ It’s got all the tonal elements I like to write with.”

“The lyrics are pretty cynical, dealing with being a young adult in the 21st century, trends and constant topics people are so infatuated with online, fighting norm-core ethics and it just oozes a kind of sexiness. I wanted a neon sign type artwork for the song, so I hit up Kate Hush, a Brooklyn based neon artist I really like and she was happy for me to use one of her pieces… The rest is history.”

Although an artist never gives away too much, Carter shared with us what we can expect upon the first listen of his upcoming record.

“There will be some cool power-pop type songs, kind of like Do Me Like That… There is a kind of narcissistic yet existential theme with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll…”

The record was recorded in a pretty dope set up Carter has created for himself in his Byron Bay home and when were first heard about it, obviously we wanted more details.

“Haha. It’s nothing special. It’s a mess! Just a little studio set-up in my house. A room with a couple mics, amps, heaps of pedals, guitars, a kit and some drum pads. Stuff I’ve been collecting over the years. Who knows, you might hear my neighbours lawn mower in one of the tracks or something…”

If this single is anything to go by, we’d be keen to hear anything from Carter, lawn mowers and all.