Can’t sleep? Listen to Briggs rapping career advice over relaxing music

Facing a bout of existential dread when pondering your career? Stuck in a rut, reshaping your future or just plain ol’ unemployed? SEEK – Australia’s number one employment marketplace – is here to offer some wisdom and take you on a personally tailored journey of career advice and music.

Announcing a collaboration with Spotify and Australian hip-hop artist Briggs, SEEK has come through with a partnership called the SEEK Sleepmix. 

seek briggs sleepmix

SEEK teams up with Spotify to deliver a playlist to soothe your career woes and spur productivity, with advice delivered in Briggs’ signature flow.

The playlist features career advice from psychologist Sabina Read which is delivered by Briggs, interspersed within relaxing music that is tailored to your individual music preferences based off of genre. The whole collaboration is intended to help guide people through these strange and unprecedented times.

According to SEEK research, a staggering 44 per cent of Australians are staying up at night thinking about work.

“Australians are now facing issues that they’ve never had to deal with before – reduced hours, sudden redundancy and having to take on new ways of working,” said Read.

When approached by SEEK to write, produce, and record for Sleepmix, Briggs said that initially, it was a challenge to “write something within those parameters given the usual high-energy nature of my music.” But then he added: “when I got into the writing and creating process it wasn’t as far away from my wheelhouse as I thought, there was still a moral to the tracks. I could empathise with people needing assistance.”

Head here to try it out!